is a leading source for online savings tools and information on how to lower utility bills at home. The site deployed the VeriSign Trust Seal because it requires visitors to share their contact information to access such free services as home energy audits and solar consultations. That made establishing trust essential to the site’s success.

The VeriSign Trust Seal is designed to increase confidence, traffic and transactions for sites that do not require Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates. The seal pairs the familiar VeriSign checkmark circle with the words “VeriSign Trusted,” and enables web sites of any size to display a highly recognized visual element commonly seen on brand-name sites.

“VeriSign is the brand for trust online,” said Eren Atesmen, one of the site’s three founders. “We wanted to go with VeriSign all along, so when we saw that the VeriSign Trust Seal was affordable and fit our budget, it just seemed like a no brainer. Selecting VeriSign was an easy choice.”

For, the VeriSign Trust Seal offers several unique advantages:

  • Global recognition. The VeriSign seal is the world’s most recognized trust mark on the Internet.
  • Daily web site malware scans. Sites that display the VeriSign Trust Seal can avoid search engine blacklisting by taking advantage of VeriSign’s daily scans of their pages for malicious code. Daily scans can also help increase customer loyalty by preventing consumer PC infection.
  • VeriSign Seal-in-Search.Participating search engines, partners and security tools display the VeriSign Trust Seal next to’s link whenever the site appears in a search result. This feature gives VeriSign Trust Seal customers an instant competitive advantage over sites whose search results lack a trust indicator.

“Our registration rate jumped by 137 percent in approximately 30 days thanks to the VeriSign Trust Seal,” Atesmen said. “As a direct result of more registrations, we also saw a 75 percent increase in our revenue. Finally, we’ve seen a 10 percent increase in traffic to the site. For the incremental cost of adding the seal to our site, we’ve gotten a great return on our investment.”

The VeriSign Trust Seal can help boost traffic, confidence and conversions for sites that do not require SSL Certificates. These include sites that outsource their shopping cart or payment functions to third-party providers and those that do not collect sensitive personal information. By displaying the VeriSign Trust Seal, any business web site has the opportunity to leverage the global awareness created by the VeriSign seal, which is viewed up to 250 million times a day across more than 90,000 web sites worldwide.”


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