It has been a long time in the making, but the day is finally here where an individual software developer can now qualify for a Thawte or VeriSign Code Signing Certificate.  In the past only businesses or organizations were eligible to purchase these respected code signing certificates.  We are pleased to see this new development and are very excited at Certs 4 Less to offer these new Code Signing Certificates.

These new code signing certificates are offered on all the current platforms that Thawte and VeriSign support.  This means that individual software developers who develop applications for Microsoft Authenticode, Microsoft Office / VBA, Adobe Air, Sun Java, Apple MAC and Adobe Air are able to confidently deploy their software.  Many individual developers had approached us wanting to digitally sign their code, but were unable to get a highly respected code signing certificate because they did not have a formal business entity.

With the recent explosion of malware and phishing programs more consumers are wisely realizing the difference between unsigned code and signed code when installing or using applications.  The environment is changing in that software developers who want to have a successful product must have a valid code signing certificate issued by a recognized certificate authority that has its root certificates pre-installed in the device or platform the developer is writing software for.

We are confident at Certs 4 Less that this new offering from VeriSign and Thawte to support individual software developers will be welcomed in the marketplace.  Freelance software developers can now secure their code from a couple of the largest certificate authorities in the code signing arena.  This new support for individual developers will help to legitimize more software applications as well increase the adoption of individual developed software.  Please check out the links below to learn more about code signing certificates for both businesses and now individuals.

VeriSign Code Signing Certificates

Thawte Code Signing Certificates


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