Press releases are popping up all over the web regarding “unlimited ssl server licenses”. As defined by the press releases we’ve read, unlimited SSL Server Licensing will allow purchasers to use a single SSL Certificate to be used across multiple servers. In the past if you were using several servers to host your site, you would need to buy a certificate license for each server. If you are running  a large network and were using higher end certificates this could run into some serious money.

Well, it looks like buying multiple certificates is going to be a thing of the past for some. Euro Certificate  Authority GlobalSign, announced that (effective September 27th, 2010) they will be issuing unlimited server licenses. So, how (and when) will the rest of the industry respond?

We didn’t have to wait long for an answer to that question, as the folks at GeoTrust and RapidSSL had quietly been plotting an identical strategy. Though GeoTrust and RapidSSL have yet to make a formal release on the subject, they have discussed the change with reseller partners and expect to roll-out their unlimited server plan nearly concurrently with GlobalSign’s program. We expect to see their press release detailing their change to unlimited server licenses around the first of October.

The GeoTrust/RapidSSL licensing strategy will become active immediately and be retroactive for ALL  existing RapidSSL and GeoTrust certificates.

There doesn’t seem to be any downside to this industry development (unless you just bought a bunch of certs a couple months ago!). With the growth of larger sites that require multiple servers to adequately deliver content reliably, purchasing a single certificate to manage all your sites represents a significant cost savings.

If you are interested in ordering an unlimited ssl certificate you can visit this link here:  Unlimited SSL License.


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