On May 9th, 2011 RapidSSL released a new updated site seal.  This new site seal better corresponds to the new look and feel of RapidSSL.  Customers of Certs 4 Less and RapidSSL are encouraged to download the updated RapidSSL Site Seal and start using it immediately.  Listed below are the Frequently Asked Questions about the new RapidSSL Site Seal.


RapidSSL Site Seal Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is changing on the RapidSSL Seal?
A: The dimensions, installation and usage guidelines remain the same. The branding and messaging of the seal are changing. The old logo with the white outlined letters and blue and gray color scheme is going away to be replaced by the new crisp, sleek logo treatment with brown and orange accents.

The RapidSSL Site Seal is still an animated GIF that says, “Secured by RapidSSL®” with a rotating display of benefits that the RapidSSL Certificate provides to secure web sites, including encryption strength and warranty. However, this new version updates the encryption strength description to up to 256-bit and adds a notation about our new 2048-bit root.

Q: Why is the RapidSSL Seal changing?
A: In 2010 the RapidSSL root certificate was upgraded from 1024-bit to 2048-bit encryption, allowing for encryption sessions of up to 256-bit strength.  RapidSSL wanted to reflect both the new encryption strength and new sleek look and feel of the brand update to the RapidSSL site seal.

Q: What is the benefit of the RapidSSL Seal update to customers?
A: For customers who display the new seal on their web sites, visitors will have a greater assurance of security knowing that transaction sessions may have up to 256-bit encryption strength with a 2048-bit root. Also, the new sleek branding is cleaner and offers a more professional presentation reflective of the current branding of the RapidSSL.com web site.

Q: What do RapidSSL Customers need to do?
A: Customers should pre-load the new seal for posting onto their web sites in time for the official release date on May 9, 2011.

Q: Where can I get the new RapidSSL Site Seal?
A: You can copy the GIF image below to prepare your site for the seal update.

RapidSSL Site Seal



Q: How do I install the new RapidSSL Site Seal?
A: Installation Instructions
1. Right click the site seal above.
2. Choose Save Picture As.
3. Insert the image on secured pages of your web site.

Q: Where should the RapidSSL Seal link to?
A: There are no link requirements for the RapidSSL seal. However, you may link the seal back to the RapidSSL.com web site.

Q: What are the dimensions of the new seal?
A: The dimensions of the new seal are the same as the old seal, 90×50 pixels.

Q: Can I modify the RapidSSL Seal?
A: No, we ask that you save and post the RapidSSL seal as is.

Q: Does using the RapidSSL Seal help protect my site against phishing site hijacks.
A: No, the RapidSSL seal is just a branding GIF image that signifies to users that their transaction sessions with your web site are encrypted using a RapidSSL certificate. For a Dynamic Date/Time Site Seal (trust mark) difficult for phishing sites to duplicate, we recommend upgrading to a GeoTrust SSL Certificate at https://www.certs4less.com/geotrustproducts.html

Q: Is there a way to enforce 256-bit encryption?
A: Server-Gated Cryptography (SGC) technology enables older browsers and operating systems to step up to 128-bit encryption, facilitating connections at 128 to 256-bit levels in most web browsers. For the SGC feature, we recommend you upgrade to a  VeriSign Secure Site Pro https://www.certs4less.com/verisign-secure-site-pro.html


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